The Team



Becky has owned dogs all her life, but first got into training dogs 8 years ago when her family bought their Miniature Schnauzer Ellie. Becky has completed all sorts of training with Ellie, from the very basics up to the Kennel Club Gold award as well as some agility, scent work and trick training.


She then began volunteering with a friend’s training school in her spare time around 6 years ago where she assisted in training classes and built her knowledge up to the point of being able to carry out whole classes herself. She then started working for a large dog charity 3 years ago, carrying out puppy, adolescent and adult dog training classes as well as walking some dogs who were in the kennels.


She started doing private dog walks around 2 years ago and has since walked a variety of breeds from pugs to greyhounds.


She is a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) and will only ever use kind, fair and effective methods (positive reinforcement) whilst training and walking. She has been on several training courses, reads training books all the time and holds a pet first aid certificate.


Now, with 2 cocker spaniels of her own she takes part in gundog and agility training regularly and fully enjoys the dog mum life!



Greg has grown up with dogs, having Buddy the Labrador as his best mate when he was young. He loves all dogs and often pays more attention to the dogs than the humans!

Greg began walking dogs around 6 months ago as the business grew, he walks a variety of breeds from cavapoos to German Shepards and is happy to help with their training while out.


He is learning more and more about dog training, regularly watching training videos and programs as well as helping to train his 2 cocker spaniels. He regularly gives advice to colleagues and friends about their dog and training and is passionate about learning more.